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Let’s start this blog off with some interesting quotes.

Writing clear code is a battle of inches, and you need to contest every extraneous character

Russ Olsen Eloquent Ruby

Some of the most important advancements come from asking, much like a persistent 5-year-old, the simplest questions. Why do you do that? How come it’s done this way? Is there a better way?

Adam Bryant New York Times

Current JavaScript solutions suffer from ‘Double MVC’. You need both server and client-side MVC stacks. Conceptual complexity is very high.

DHH Twitter

I do understand the modern appeal of ‘server is just API’, ‘client is full MVC’. But the reality for now is a much worse dev experience.

DHH Twitter

We ask questions designed to give us the answer we want

First we believe. Then we look for justification.

Khan is particularly good at explaining all the hidden, small steps in math
problems—steps that teachers often gloss over. He has an uncanny ability to
inhabit the mind of someone who doesn’t already understand something. “He
explains things step by step, rather than assuming you already know how to get
from A to B,” Brannan says.